UHF IMPINJ High Performance Long Range Integrated Reader


UHF high performance long range integrated reader to detect RFID tag in approx 15 metres with multiple detection at once. Mainly designed for school, college and university student attendance and real to sms to parents and notification in android app

RFID Impinj integrated antenna with automatic detection of RFID tag for school, college and university. Our RFID Impinj integrated device is used to detect multiple RFID Tag inbuild in student ID Card and sends data in real time to the controller which sends data to the server and attendance is punched. 

Highly designed with long range feature detection and high capacity to read RFID Tag and send stream of data to server without loss of packet . Our Impinj controller receives data and keep in stack, check redundancy data and omit duplicated data and send to the IMS which is Institute management software with lots of features for school admin, parents and communication android app where parents can check out their attendance of their ward.

Read Tag
Data Stream Speed
  • UHF high performance long range integrated reader
  • Support firmware upgrade
  • Support Export Config/Import Config
  • Global frequency(860-960MHz)
  • Read specify tag
  • Relay
  • Multiple customizable communication protocols
  • RSSI
  • Data cache
Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 600 × 490 × 115 cm


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