UHF RFID Tag Wet Inlay


UHF RFID Wet Inlay Tag is integrated to the student ID card for detect, it has a specific RFID Code which we compressed with student unique enrollment no, when UHF Reader detect this RFID Card they transmit data stream of detected RFID Tag directly to the UHF RFID Controller which in real time data is transferred to the server and hence attendance is punched.

RFID Wet Inlay Tag is integrated in student Id card with unique enrollment no, this unique enrollment has specific RFID no which is detected by RFID Reader, this UHF RFID Reader sends data directly to the RFID controller with high speed and then RFID controller transmit this data to the server and hence our smart IMS  which stands for Institute Management Software, its check out student enrollment no and hence punch the attendance and send notification directly to the parents app or through by sms

Read Tag
Data Stream Speed
  • UHF RFID Wet Inlay Tag high performance long range integrated detect
  • Any School ID card can be integrated with our Inlay RFID Tag
  • Global frequency(860-960MHz)
  • Read specify  UHF Device
  • Multiple customizable communication protocols


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