Whatsapp Shooter

The Best Software to send bulk text, image and videos to your multi Audience, monitor and campaign. Now communication made easy with us.

Send Bulk
Send your content like text,message, images, videos to the bulk audience through our Whatsapp shooter.
Marketing Tools
Mainly Design for Marketing Purpose, you can use it to promote your products, brand emerges, client engagement and sells conversion in just one click.
Position your Brand
Right Palace to monitor connect with different camapighn and groups to promote your works and skills, boost product gain faith and enhance sell
Team Building
A lead without communication is useless, we bring the INDIA most trust full social app to build your team and audience in one platform

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INDIA best Whatsaap software Provider to send Customize Content, Images, Videos and text to numbers of customer to once. Spread to your audience as a brand, engage with your contacts and pyramid your market with full flesh

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